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In ice fishing if the fish are in the 12 to 20 foot depths on the main part of a lake, a combination of structure and current makes a good location for the angler.  Fish are just out of the current and around structure.  Forage fish seek small plankton flowing in the current.

Largemouth bass and other predator fish hang around such areas close to stumps, beneath undercuts, rocks or just on a sharp break line.

Any disruption such as a sudden noise on the ice and the fish shut down.  Light also seems to have a detrimental effect on feeding fish.  The brighter the day, the more fish seem to hug the bottom.

Weedy areas or those with dark bottom warm sooner and are more likely to attract fish.  The weeds and the dark muddy bottom absorb what warmth is available on a sunny day and hold fish longer.

Cold water fishing means sluggish fish biting lightly.

If electronic fish locator is available you can establish the level at which the fish are suspended.  Drop your lure until it is slightly above them.  Fish feed up.  Just look at the way their eyes sit in their head.  They are built to feed upward.

It is important to fish slowly during ice fishing activity in response to the apparent sluggishness of the quarry.  The lure needs to get down to the bottom or at least near it.  It is important to remember the lure is going to have to be right in front of the larger fish for him to react to it.

Play close attention to a tic of the bite and set the hook immediately.  Fish will not hold the lure for long in these conditions.  Any variation in the action of the line calls for a quick hook set.  Ice fishing is a game of total concentration on the task at hand.


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