Who is Don Gasaway?   12 comments

Writer, photographer, social worker, big game hunter and angler.  Don Gasaway’s life is and has been one of overcoming challenges.  Something that he finds makes life sparkle.

When not writing about hunting and fishing, Don spends countless hours participating in these two field sports.  He has hunted extensively in Africa, Mexico, and Canada as well as most states in the U.S.  He is also an avid hiker and wildlife photographer.

This Marion, Illinois resident became a full time freelance writer following a 30-year career as a social worker and probation officer with the Circuit Court of Cook (Chicago) County.

Don’s work has appeared in many national and international magazines.  He is a regular contributor to:  MidWest Outdoors, Heartland Outdoors, Outdoor Guide, Labor Tribune, Illinois Game & Fish Magazine, Southern Illinois Sports Connection and River Country Outdoors magazine.  His work has been awarded a number of prizes from national and regional professional writers organizations.

Between hunting and fishing trips, Don makes Marion his home.  He is a frim supporter of outdoor recreation in southern Illinois and is sponsor of the Don Gasaway Youth Goose Calling Contest at the Southern Illinois Celebration of National Hunting & Fishing Days in Carterville, Illinois.

He can be reached by email to:  DonGasaway@aol.com.

Posted 02/11/2010 by Donald Gasaway

12 responses to “Who is Don Gasaway?

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  1. This is one of the more sophisticated blogs I have ever seen. Nice job! I don’t know when you find time to do anything else because this blog is chocked full of interesting material and the photos are great.

    About the time I saw my dart bounce off a rhino and an elephant struggle to its feet, I would be out of there faster than any cheetah could ever hope to run!

    Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the kind comments. You and The Walker Agency have always been on the cutting edge of outdoor information and activity. Your opinions are valued thoughout the hunting and fishing community.

  2. Very nice blog, Don. This is actually the first hunting blog I’ve come across on wordpress. I look forward to reading through your articles.


  3. As an Illinois resident hunter and fisherman, naturally I am looking for articles pertaining to the State of Illinois. I love your articles. Keep up the good work. Maybe I will run into you and help you drag your deer.

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  6. I’m moving to S. Illinois in a few months and have been researching the hunting and fishing opportunities there. Seemingly every search leads me to this blog and it has been very informative. I think I owe you a drink when I get there!

    John O'Connell
    • Thank you for the nice compliments. Where in southern Illinois are you moving. Would like to get together but I cannot drink due to the medication I am taking. But, I will accept a diet coke.

  7. Hello Sir,
    I happened upon your blog about the reelfoot lake boats.
    We have what we think is an original one. Or maybe we only have half of one. It’s like a Canoe that’s been cut in half.
    I was hoping you could lead me in the direction of finding out more about it.

    Many thanks

    • There are a number of information sites on the web under the title of Reelfoot Boat. You could also contact Northwest Tennessee Tourism Council at PO Box 127, Big Sandy, TN 38221. Their email is kentuckylaketourism.com.

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