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Although often fished the entire year, Lake of Egypt can be a fish factory in early spring.  The weather may be unstable.  It can be iced one day and 70 degrees the next.  The fish will change daily and even hourly.  The water temperatures tend to hover between 50 and 55 degrees.

Lake Of Egypt is a 2300 acre reservoir located about 7 miles south of Marion, Illinois, just 3 miles east of Interstate 57.  Built by the Southern Illinois Power Cooperative, the 93 miles of shoreline belongs to the U.S. Forest Service and private ownership.  The average depth of the lake is l8.5 feet with a maximum depth of 52 feet.  Milfoil and other weeds form the shoreline to a depth of 8 to 12 feet.  Bass thrive in the weeds with the average bass taken in the 3.5 pound class.  Other fish found in these waters include crappie, bluegill and catfish.

There are three marinas on the lake.  Two, Pyramid Acres and Lake of Egypt Marina, are on the northeastern part of the lake.  The third, Egyptian Hills Marina, is on the eastern shore, further south.  There is no limit on motor size for boats but you must display a boat permit.  They are available at the marinas.  There is a 35 mile per hour speed limit and all boats must stay more than l00 feet from the shoreline of any residence.

Anglers can fish deep water or go in shallow and fish the vegetation (coontail and patches of milfoil).  Some of the larger fish are in the duckweed.

There is a current down the middle of the lake.  Early in the morning one can see the steam rolling off the water.  That is the current carrying warmer water down the lake channel.  Fish that channel and one will find fish, according to this resident angler.

Another tip is to fish in a west wind which will allow you to catch fish.  An east wind makes the fishing almost impossible.  The grass is the same on both sides of the lake.  The southeast wind will still blow bait fish up on the west side.  The home development on the east side could be part of the challenge for anglers.  It has reduces some of the fishable water.  One can not fish within 100 feet of a dock.  That reduces a lot of territory.  There are a lot of docks along that side of the lake.

The shoreline tends to be more open of the west side as there is less development.  As a result there are more people fishing that side where they have more fishable territory.

Wherever one fishes on this lake, the water clarity is good.  The lake cleans itself well in a few days.  As a result it is one of the clearest lakes in southern Illinois.

Growth of fish relates to the amount of food available and temperature of the water.  If the temperature drops, as during winter, they may cease to feed.  Biologists tell us that fish production relates to food abundance and production.  Other factors that effect fish productions are: dissolved oxygen, temperature, ph and acidity, as well as availability of reproductions sites.

Last spring the water levels on Lake of Egypt were ample and the temperature normal.  The forage appears to be ample.  All of the conditions are present for a good spawn.

As mentioned earlier, there is a 35 mph speed limit on the lake as well as other site specific regulation.  As with all lakes, it is important to know the regulations before taking to the water.  Failure to do so will not only get you a ticket, it also puts pressure on other anglers who want to use the area in the future.  Pay particular attention to safety issues.

We all know that professional tournament angling has resulted in vast improvements in tackle and boating equipment.  But, it also has improved the attention to ethics.  Do not leave yours at home.

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