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The first warm day of spring brings visions of happy days on the lake with your favorite rod.  Then there to your wondering eyes appears your fishing rod with a bow in it.  Leaning against the wall for the winter has caused the blank to take on a permanent bow.  It is ruined.

A good rod can last a lifetime if properly cared for and maintained.  A few simple precautions and you avoid the problem previously mentioned.

Basic to the maintenance of all rods and reels is to keep them clean.  Even the most well meaning anglers can forget about daily care of a rod and reel.  It is best you wipe the rod down with a light coat of Reel Magic.  It counteracts fish oils and keeps sheen on the rod finish.

Carnauba car wax on the shaft will help clean and protect it from further damage and grime.

Handles of the rods require special care.  For the foam handles use soap and water to clean then without causing the handle to expand.  For a rod with a cork handle Comet Cleanser and water in a paste form does the trick.

Windex is good for cleaning the reel seats.  It will get into the threads and really give them a good cleaning.

Moving to the guides of the rod, it has long been known that passing a Q-tip through the guides will cause cotton strands to be caught on any nicks or chips in the rings.  Look for loose rings at the same time.  Most loose rings go back into place with a little hand pressure.

One common problem is a missing ring on the tip of a rod.  This is especially true if the rod is normally stored in a rod case.  The rings get knocked off without the angler being aware of it.   Rods to be stored in a rod case should have the top open a little to allow air in during the storage.

When storing rods temperature is not a factor.  However, rods should be hung by the tip so that they hang straight up and down.  This will help keep the blanks straight.  Leaning them against something can cause the rod blank to take a set affecting the ultimate performance.

For a two part rod, a problem often found is making the connection snug and secure.  A little bees wax on the male part of the connection will keep the connection secure and water tight.

When traveling by airplane most anglers store their rods in an aluminum case with a sealed top.  They are beginning to find that once at their destination the rods have blown up.  That is the rod blank has expanded to the point that it comes apart.  The rod is destroyed.

Apparently the change in air pressure causes the problem.  If the angler drills a 1/8th inch hole in the top of the rod case the problem is resolved.

Rod care is not a difficult thing.  Simple common sense and the above pointers will result in rods giving much longer serviceable life.  Not having to replace a rod each year or so, can result in money available to purchase one of the top line rods.


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