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One of the most frustrating aspects of crankbait fishing is losing them. Crankbaits are one of the more expensive terminal tackle components. Production costs force the prices a little higher each year. They are effective lures and valued by the angler. Here are five ways to cut down on the number of crankbaits you lose each season.

NUMBER ONE is a common method used by river anglers who lose of a lot of tackle on submerged trees, rocks and other objects. Simply remove the forward treble hook on a crankbait.

Most crankbaits tend to run with the forward end slightly lower than the back. With the treble hook removed, the body of the lure will bounce off submerged objects taking with it the rear hook.

NUMBER TWO is when you hang up. The most obvious way to get unstuck is to pull the bait lose from whatever has snagged it. Failing that, pop the line.

Hold the rod in one hand. With the other, pull some slack in the line between the reel and the first rod guide. Allow the line to pop tight. The jarring of the line sometimes will move the lure backward freeing it from the submerged object. Repeat several times until the lure works loose.

NUMBER THREE AND FOUR involve the use of products on the market under several trade names. The first is an extendable rod that has a spiral coil at the end. The tool extends to about 8 feet. The spiral portion captures the line and then slides down it to the lure. It captures the lure and breaks it loose.

The next is a heavy weight on the end of a strong line. Fasten it to the fishing line and allow the weight to slide down the captured lure. The then pull the strong rope back to you as it pulls the lure and fishing line free.

NUMBER FIVE is the Ultimate LureSaver Titanium R/S System. It is a big name for a very small product. The system allows you to pull lures free instantly without having to move the boat or move along the shore to another location. It allows retrieval without disturbing the fish.

The device is made of Titanium and replaces the split rings that hold the hooks. When the lure hangs up, the angler simply wraps the line around his hand and pulls steadily. The LureSaver opens, releasing the hook from the lure. It then closes again and you get everything back except the hook. Back at the boat, just replace the hook and your back in business.

Because the LureSaver is made of Titanium, it has a lot of memory and always returns to its original shape. The quick replacement of hooks allows for more time spent fishing instead of repairing tackle or messing with trying to get the lure up from the entanglement. It does not have any effect on the action of the lure.

A neat thing about this product is that it allows you to fish structure, rocky bottoms, brush piles and weeds without the fear of losing valuable crankbaits. It also cuts down on the amount of line and lure trash that is left in the water.

This product should be available in most tackle stores and bait shops. If you need help in finding it, contact the company at their website of



Frog Hair 1

If you think about it there really is nothing as fine as frog hair.

At a recent media event at the world famous Rend Lake Resort Dale Black, President of Black Knight Industries, expounded on the advancements his company has developed in the line of leaders and tippets.

This PA company has become a leader in the field of fly fishing line technology.  How?  They use of Nanotechnology manipulation of matter at incredibly small sizes.  For example a piece of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick.  The technology allows for the development of higher strength structured materials.

This technology is part of a new wave of innovation in science and engineering that is enabling the development of a generation of materials that are stronger, lighter and more durable than ever found before.

The line begins with the molecular structure strong and stiff due to highly aligned long chains of molecules created by extrusion and drawing.  After a Gamma Processing the long chain molecules are broken down and millions of intermolecular bonds cross link creating a structure stronger and more flexible.

The end result is monofilament line with a higher strength to diameter with a built in shock resistance.  The subtle line still maintains a high knot strength that maintains maximum fish fighting capability.  The company is so confident that it’s fishing leaders and tippets are the best performing products available that they have a money back guarantee.

For more information check out the websites of and


Now that the cold weather is closing in, my attention switches to getting tackle ready for next spring.  I do not like to wait to the last minute because that usually means wasting time that could be spent on the water. 

I just got a package from my friends at Pure Fishing and Blue Heron Communications.  I spoke with Ron Giudice a couple of months ago and was impressed with their Mini Line Spooler.  Ron had one sent to me to try out. 

Like most anglers I do not have a bunch of specialized equipment for spooling line on my numerous reels.  Being a multi-species angler, I find having specialized reels for each species a good idea.  Often different lines are called for on different occasions.  For example I do not use a crappie set up with light line for fishing for stripers.  The later brutes require heavy tackle. 

I spend most of my spooling time with a spool placed on the floor of my living room while I watch television.  The line goes from the spool through rod guides to the reel.  In order to maintain tension in the line I lay a book on top of the line as it comes off the spool.  It provides just the right resistance. 

Now thanks to Ron and Pure Fishing I do not have to do that any more.  Nor do I have to chase down a spool that might roll away or worry about creating line twists. 

Additionally, with the Mini Line Spooler is it possible to attach it to the rod and re-spool on the shore or in a boat.  It can accommodate up to a quarter pound spool of line.  It can be attached to almost any size of rod. 

The suggested retail price of the Mini Line Spooler is $5.00.  For more information check the Pure Fishing website at

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