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Recently the co-founder and CEO of found himself on the spot when asked at a social occasion, “do you ever do anything to get the elderly out fishing?” is a Nebraska company with a motto of “finding a place to hunt and fish.”  It is an online conduit to pair hunters and anglers with accessible fishing and hunting destinations, both public and private.

Following the experience at the dinner, Eric Dugar did some online research to find almost no fishing, hunting or shooting events for seniors.

He did find that Census data reports about 41 million people over the age of 65 are living in the United States.  Dugar anticipates that the number will continue to grow as baby boomers move into that category thanks to longer and healthier lives.

His conclusions is that at a time when the outdoor industry is looking for new ways to activate lapsed hunters, anglers and shooters, maybe it is time to turn some attention to the elderly among us.

The elderly may come with a unique set of considerations from access challenges to fees on fixed incomes.  They receive outings well.  It is doubtful that the industry can keep up with them demand.

Powderhook is in a unique position to serve as a conduit for such events.  They work with the nation’s leading conservation organizations, retailers and manufacturers to bring together the industry to solve some of its most important challenges.

If you have an event or want to plan one, and need help, contact them at

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