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With the holiday rush, there is always a need for last minute stocking stuffers.  Santa cannot think of everything for everyone.  What follows is a list of relatively inexpensive stocking stuffers for that hunter, fisherman or camper in the family.

Perhaps one of the easiest purchases is for the fisherman.  Fishing tackle comes in such a variety of items at lowest cost.  The variety is endless.  Check to find out what kind of fishing the recipient most often enjoys.  If you do not know, then ask some of his/her friends.  They should be aware of his trips on the water.

Armed with the species information, go to a bait & tackle or sporting goods shop.  They will be able to show you what is available.  This might include rods or reels.  But, it also can include the things anglers never have enough of such as hooks, lines and sinkers.  If appropriate there are crankbaits, jigs, plastic worms, spinner baits, etc.  Catfish anglers are always losing their floats (bobbers).

If the recipient is a boater or usually fishes from a boat, then things like anchor lines (they wear out quickly) boat bumpers (sometimes called fenders as they protect the boat from bumping into the dock) or even polish to shine up that bass boat finish.

Speaking of shining up the boat finish, a certificate good for one boat polishing from you is a neat item.  The certificate idea can also be used to gift someone a fishing trip, picnic, nature walk, etc.  You can get certificate paper at office supply stores and print it up with your computer.  It is also possible to make and download a certificate at

Many of the stocking stuffers for campers and hunters work well for both.  Items of clothing such as gloves and warm hats are good.  They often get lost easily and a replacement is a welcome gift.  On the warm subject, the packages of insulated underwear are good.  Both hunters and campers can always use flashlights.  They range in size from pocket units units barely 4-inches in length to large 1,000-watt search lights.  LED lanterns and bug repellant units are welcome gifts.

Another product for hunters/campers is the hand warmer packet.  These inexpensive packets are worth their weight in cold on a cold day.

Regardless of the purchase, it is a good idea to keep the receipts so the recipient can exchange the item if not needed.

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