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Perhaps the fastest growing segment of the marine industry is the kayak. Both as the oldest and newest addition to the fishing scene, these craft are increasing popular with anglers.

The first visitors to the North American continent came by way of the Bering Strait either by dog sled or kayak. Those craft were nothing more than animal skins stretched over a wooden frame.  They were a fry cry from the modern materials of today’s craft.

The early kayaks were to gather meat and fish for survival. Today anglers fish from them but also engage in the increasingly popular fishing contests.

A couple of weeks ago over 100 kayakers gathered at the Kentucky Dam Village near Gilbertsville, KY to complete for total cash prizes of over $11,000 and merchandise prizes from event sponsors.  The event is the second of a series of 5-qualifying events being held across the U.S. and Canada.  More details are available at http://www.hobiefishingworlds.com.

The contestants have a chance to fish both Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. The event is a Catch, Photo and Release format.  Each angler records his catch by placing it on a Bump board that has inches and fractions marked on it.  He places a token given to him at registration on the fish to verify his catch.  He photographs the fish with either an iPhone or point and shoot camera and the fish released.

If using an iPhone, the image is immediately sent to contest headquarters via iAngler.com, an online service that records the catch and keeps a up to the minute status of each angler. The top three fish of each angler counts toward his/her final score.

First place in the adult division wins not only $3,500 but also is entitled to fish in the 2016 Hobie Fishing Worlds Championship in Lafourche Parish, LA on December 4-11. He also receives an all-expense paid trip to the event.  Second place also qualifies for the Championship and a check for $2,300.  Third place gets a check for $1,500.

The top 5 anglers receive an invitation to the Tournament of Champions held in November on Lake Fork, TX.



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