If there were an eleventh commandment for fishermen perhaps it would be “Know Thy Pond.”

Most of us dream of our own private fishing pond. Some take action to build and stock one.  Ponds are good places to fish and if they are managed correctly can support more fish per acre than is in most other waters.

Ponds are a complex, interlocking chain of plants and animals. Food supplies are dependent upon on plant nutrients dissolved in the water.  These include minerals as well as organic matter.  Nutrients enter the water as dust carried by winds or with water runoff from surrounding areas.  Small aquatic plants consume them and grow.

As the plants grow and multiply they provide food for small fishes and crustaceans. These animals provide food for larger fishes.

In any given pond are found three reasons why the quality of fishing desired might not develop. The fish present may not be the right kind, size or population numbers.

Food availability determines how well both bass and panfish for example will flourish. Management of a bass pond is a delicate balance.  There is a limit to the number of fish a pond can produce and maintain.  The prey species may flourish to the point where they even compete with the predator species for the same food.



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