To the anglers of metropolitan Chicago and its suburbs, LaSalle Lake provides an excellent fishery.

The LaSalle Power Station of Commonwealth Edison owns this 2,058-acre cooling lake about 8-miles southeast of Marseilles, Illinois. Largemouth bass are a good bet.  The average depth of this manmade lake is 15-feet but there are areas up to 70-foot depths.

To find the lake get off of I-80 at the Seneca exit. Continue through the town to Route 170 on the other side of the Illinois River Bridge to the flashing yellow light at the Mazon/Grand Ridge blacktop.  Turn right onto the blacktop and go about two and half miles.  The entrance is on the right.

Unlike most lakes, this one has levees rising above the surrounding area. The entire shoreline and levees consist of rip rap.   Launching of boats at the ramp on the south west corner can be problematic with the number of boating anglers, especially on weekends.  The perched lake can be very dangerous in inclement weather.

A warning system is in place when winds are dangerous. When the light on the tip of the internal dike extending from the western shore is flashing, launching of boats stops and all boats on the water must come off immediately.

The lake is open to the public from 6:00 a.m. to sunset seven days per week. All fishermen must be off the lake at sunset.

Good baits for the Largemouth bass are rattletraps and other blade baits. Look for the fish in the sections near the dikes where the rock meets the mud bottom.  Other presentations include Carolina rigs, small size plastics and drop shotting as well as Senkos rigged wacky style.

Early season bass bite lightly but they are more likely to be lunkers. In the case of both jigs and crankbaits, it is important to pay close attention for the tic of the bite and set the hook quickly.  They will not hold the lure long.  Any variation in the action of the line calls for a quick hook set.  This is a game of total concentration on the job at hand.



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