Jeff's favorite lure is the Tandem Ghost Minnow.

Jeff’s favorite lure is the Tandem Ghost Minnow.

Determined to make lemonade out of lemons, I recently sat down with outdoor writer Jeff Samsel at the Southeastern Outdoor Writers Association meeting in GA. Injured in a fall the previous week, my mobility was very limited due to a sprained ankle.

Jeff is fond of fishing small streams. An interest we share.  He establishes a pattern according to conditions.  By paying attention to what induces fish to strike he uses the river to his advantage.  “Current attracts both trout and smallmouth bass,” explains Jeff.  The fish will stage behind a rock and grab food as it floats past them.  In such a case Jeff casts upstream to make the lure float in the same manner.

In cooler water Jeff likes subsurface fishing with small crankbaits. He twitches the lure making it have a slow wiggle.

In the warmer water conditions his fishing is more topwater and other surface lures. Here is often uses cricket and small crayfish imitations.

Jeff’s rod choice is an ultra-light rod spooled with 4-popund or 2-pound line.

Casting to shoreline structure and vegetation, he twitches the lure. Once the lure gets about 10-feet away from the shore he switches to a steady retrieve in the current back to him.

For subsurface fishing Jeff is well-known for using 32nd ounce hair jigs he makes himself.  His favorites are ones he ties himself using black hair from his dog.  In some of them he adds some metal flash.  Both his hair jigs and some of the grub lures he uses are about 1 ½ inches in length.

One of his favorite crankbaits is the Rebel “tandem ghost minnow.”



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