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Fly line is one piece of an angler’s gear most often neglected when it comes to maintenance. It still needs periodic cleaning.  Dirty or cracked fly line affects the angler’s ability to cast for distance and accuracy.

The amount of friction between the line and the guides of the rod affects the cast. The slightest crack in the line or dirt on it slows the cast.  New slick line performs better older ones.

Most fly line makers coat them with a PVC plastic coating containing chemicals to keep it from drying out and becoming brittle. Ultra-violet rays and heat speed the aging process of the line.  Do not expose the rod and reel in the vehicle to either of these situations by leaving them in a vehicle.  Take care to avoid getting sunscreen, insect repellent and any other aerosols on the line, as they will also decrease its life.

Dirt form the deck of the boat, outside of the boat or from the shore is the main source of grime on a fly line. Whatever is dissolves in the water as well as algae also sticks to fly line.

It is important to clean you fly line regularly with warm water and mild soap. This is easiest done by spooling if off the reel into a bucket of warm soapy water, then wipe and dry with a clean soft cloth.  Finally you can apply a fine coat of quality fly line dressing with a cloth.

If the line becomes very dirty there are available fly line cleaning pads made with super-fine abrasives of lines that are very dirty. These pads strip off the micro-grime without damaging the line.



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