It is no secret that Pure Fishing is a major provider of fishing tackle, lures, rods and reels. Among the brands under which products enter the market is Berkley.  Pure Fishing Inc. is part of Jarden Outdoor solutions a leader in developing outdoor and active lifestyle products.

When a package comes in the mail it promises an introduction to newer products from Berkley. No outdoor writer can resist a look at them.

Most recently received by this writer are two packages from the Fusion19 line. One contains hooks and the other a number of hard baits.  Both are bass specific tackle.

The Fusion19 hooks have a coating that reduces the amount of energy required to set the hook whether flipping or finesse fishing.

Most anglers know they should sharpen their hooks more often but do not do it often enough. The Fusion19 hook coating gives anglers the sharpest hook that will stay sharper longer.  The needle-point hooks withstand the toughest, thickest cover without damaging their structural integrity.  They penetrate with less force.

The other line is the hard bait (crankbaits) that also have the Fustion19 hooks attached. It is a line that delivers better action, color and bites.  There are 11 initial shapes in colors and designs all hand selected by the Berkley team.

The floating Bad Shad 5 and Bad Shad 7 are casting baits which rise slightly at each pause. For those who like suspended jerkbaits there is the Cutter 90+, Cutter 110+ and Skinny Cutter+ which give a darting action from the slightest rod twitch.  Finally, the Berkley Digger 6.5 and Digger 8.5 crankbaits for covering water with an aggressive wobble and side flash.  They go deep and get there quickly.


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