If you can instill in the younger set the good feelings and emotions you feel toward archery it will provide a family-friendly atmosphere where safety, trust and fun come first.

The parent can only determine if the child is old enough for archery. They know how well the child follows directions and responsibility.  They must be mature enough to be considerate of safety for both themselves and those around them.  Children need to understand that they should not point an arrow at anything they do not intend to shoot.  Go over safe practices on the range and is shooting/handling a bow and arrow.

Being patient is important in any activity with kids. They do not stay focused as long as an adult.  The activity must be fun.  Sometimes we as adults tend to push too hard.  Do not take the fun out of archery by pushing too hard.  Kids need to move at their own pace.  When it seems the child is getting bored with shooting or the session is getting too long, it is.

Probably a good starting point is to determine eye dominance. Everyone has one eye that takes over when sighting a gun or bow.  The brain selects that eye unconsciously.  Most people think that if they are right-handed then their right eye will dominate.  Not necessarily so.  Six in ten people are left-eye dominant.

Once you make this determination move on to the choice of a bow. Left eye dominant people need a left hand bow even if they are normally right handed.  Determine the draw length required.  Also it is necessary to determine the poundage that the child can best handle.  If you over rate their capability, they will be frustrated and give up.

Most adults these days will choose a compound bow over a traditional long bow. Not so with the younger set.  They have been watching movies recently where the hero/heroine shoots a more traditional bow and they want to emulate their heroes on the screen or television.

The compound bows require peak poundage when pulling is determined.  Many are adjustable for a variety of poundage.  It is advisable to have the child pull as much as he can and then make that the bottom poundage.  If the bow is not adjustable let it be the peak weight.

With a recurve bow there is so much room for growth. They do not have to come to full draw right away and still shoot satisfactorily.  As young muscles strengthen they are able to grow in strength.  They are able to pull the bow back further and increase the poundage that they pull.

Regardless of the bow being used kids need to experience success. This can mean moving the target closer for them.  Once that is no longer challenging the target move the target back.

Begin with ranges as short as 6 to 8 yards so they can have fun sticking an arrow into it.

For children having fun is everything. They are too young to be really competitive.   They participate for the enjoyment of the moment.




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