Youth Outdoor Education Foundation Annual Dove Hunt   Leave a comment

The 13th annual fall dove hunt of the Youth Outdoor Education Foundation took place on September 5, 2015.

The organization is a 501c3 corporation in conjunction with John A Logan College. During the year they provide a number of certified Hunter Safety classes and some related outdoor activities. It is operated by 6 volunteers and has no paid employees.

The dove hunt was in direct conflict with the Labor Day activities taking place in southern Illinois but still drew a number of youngsters and adults to a farm in the area. They used blinds adjacent to grain fields where doves traditionally feed on the annual migration through the area.

The event was free and included a knife gift, hearing protection, a hat and unlimited shells for their shotguns.

Following a few house of supervised shooting, they parties returned to the parking area where they were taught how to clean their quarry. Then the entire group dined on pulled pork, venison burgers, hot dogs, roast dove, marinated venison loin, and all the trimmings including four deserts.

There was general agreement that the event was great fun. One particular youngster boasted that he shot up 3 boxes (a total of 60 rounds) and got 5 doves.


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