Since the 60’s this body of water has hosted a variety of Salmonoid that provide fishing action year around. As the different species migrate along the coast of Chicago the action heats up. It is at this time of year that salmon migrate to their wintering areas at the south end of the lake.

Of primary interest this month are the lake trout and Chinook salmon. King salmon and steelhead salmon are usually present but in a little deeper water. Charter boats are your best bet for this fishing due to the large area to be covered and the ever present threat of sudden storms. Both weather and fishing conditions change often in fall.

The large charter boats venture further out from shore and to deeper depths in search of colder water.

Locating a boat is as simple as contacting a local bait shop or harbor concession. Most also have web pages and can be located by Googling “Chicago fishing charters.” Local telephone yellow pages also can be a source of contacts.

Usually the charter boats provide all tackle, and sometimes lunch or refreshments. You can also provide your own. Remember that these are big fish and heavy duty rods and reels are vital. The various captains network with one another to share information on where different species are and what patterns and lures to use.

Depending upon species and depth they inhabit a wide variety of colorful lures with crazy names are popular. Trolling often leads to the use of leadcore line as well. The heavy line is to keep lures down with the help of downriggers which control the actual depth. Planner boards allow for the trolling of lures away from the wake zone of the boat.   The combination allows anglers to cover a wider range of depths and more surface area at the same time.

As the waters closer to shore begin to cool, chinook and steelhead move closer to the shore. Temperature is important in this fishing. The salmon family is susceptible to a need for cooler water. In the fall the west wind allows cooler water closer to shore. Fish move close to piers where fishermen catch them with casting spoons and inline spinners.   A check of local newspapers results in information about fishing conditions.

Often perch are still biting in the fall. In the water near the Illinois Indiana border it is even possible to pick up a smallmouth bass or two.




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