Channel catfish have a reputation for a propensity to eat almost anything containing amino acid.

A popular concoction of cheese and fish leftovers is enough to close restaurants for a half mile around.  The smelly mixture is stink bait, dip bait or cheese bait.   It and any needed gear can be purchased at the Rock River Outfitters ( in Oregon, Illinois at the dam.  Oregon is about an hour drive west of Chicago.

There are extensive opportunities for bank fishing along the length of the Rock River in the state parks as well as many municipal fishing areas.  One of the better ones is at the dam in Oregon.

Upon opening the container you need to stir it with a stick to mix the ingredients that often separate on the shelf.  Into the mix you dip a plastic worm designed to hold the mix fast.  Several types of dip worm are available on the market and all work as well.  The mix should have the consistency of mayonnaise.  If too thin add flour to thicken.  If too thick add water to get the right consistency.

The plastic dip bait worm also has treble hook.  The fish mouths the cheese mix and the angler sets the hook.  Most anglers prefer stiff long rods with bait casting reels and a clicker.  Spinning rods work equally as well but lack the clicker feature.  Monofilament line in the 15+ pound class is good.  Usually a lead egg sinker of 3/8th ounce up to two ounces is preferred.  Braided line offers the strength of high test with the physical diameter of a much lower test line.

Lower, or cast, the lure into holes of the riverbed or other structural features such as logs, root balls, etc.

This same pattern sometimes works with live minnows or nightcrawlers.



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