To the non-angler, fishing in winter seems like a venture in folly.  One person once asked how you get the cubes to stay on the hook.

No matter what the angler’s expertise, ice fishing offers a chance to overcome obstacles, enjoy the camaraderie and employ rugged skills.  The social aspects of the sport seem to be more than a little part of the fun.

Ice fishing gives you the freedom to move about and talk to other anglers.  In a boat you are sometimes reluctant to do the same.  You are free to talk with others fishing the same area.  Because the fish seem to concentrate in certain locations, there usually are a number of anglers fishing the same area.

Ice fishermen are a small community of anglers who share a desire to sit in freezing conditions and do not feel the need to be secretive.  They figure attempting to hide the fact that they are catching fish is unproductive since everyone can see where they are set up anyway.

Ice fishermen seem more willing to talk with one another and to share information about the bite.  When most people go out on the ice and do not know where to fish, they head for the nearest group, which may only be two anglers.  Others do the same and pretty soon there is a whole village.

The bucket brigade is a name given to anglers who go out on the ice with minimal shelter, sit on a five-gallon bucket and work a little harder for their fish.  These guys never worry about somebody in their spot.  You cannot fish two lines through an 8-inch hole.

There has been much learned about the techniques of ice fishing in recent years attracting many people to the sport.  Improvements in equipment and clothing attract people in to the sport that may not have had an interest in the old ways of ice fishing.

As ice fishermen we should never forget that there is a social aspect to it.  That is one of the things that make it magical.



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