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The reports of deer stand injuries and fatalities are beginning to trickle in as the season cranks up. Years ago hunting injuries due to shootings were quite high.  Then hunters began to take hunter safety courses and use treestands.  The fatalities declined.  Still injuries resulted from falls from treestands.  There are no really accurate records of treestand injuries in particular.

In a seminar presented at the SEOPA annual conference at Fontana Village Resort by Jay Everett, Hunter Safety Systems another aspect of treestand safety became apparent.

Jay presented data pointing out treestand accidents do not all come as a result of falling out of the stand. To the contrary, 86% are the result of falls while getting into and out of stands.  This can be ascending and descending or stepping on to and off of the stand. He explains that we have come a long way in treestand safety with the acceptance of harness systems in the stand.  The main problem now is that people ignore the need to remain connected going into and coming out of the stand.

Everett recommends the use of a lifeline to stay connected to the tree. The Life Line he recommends is one made by Hunter Safety Systems that makes use of a prusik knot.  Everett stresses the need to keep the knot above your head in both ascending and descending from a treestand.  He also recommends pulling pack and weapons up by a haul line after behind securely established in the stand.

Other safety precautions recommended are always let someone know exactly where you will be hunting and keep your cell phone with you and turned on. Of course you should never pull loaded firearms up the haul line and be sure to keep the muzzle pointed toward the ground.  During, before and after the season inspect all your equipment for wear and tear that might lead to failure.

The goal of everyone is to reach zero death and disability from hunting related incidents. The life you save may be your own.


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