Photo by Jason Johns

Photo by Jason Johns

The transition from summer to fall bass fishing patterns is difficult for some anglers. Actually is it just different.

The weather is the chief factor to consider. Cool nights cause fish to move shallow, but hot days will move them back deep. Scott Pauley of the Missouri Division of Tourism and avid tournament bass angler points out that Missouri experiences a turnover of the lakes in fall.

“Turnover,” explains Scott, “is when the colder, top water layer is heavier than the warmer, lower water layer.” The lake actually flips over bringing a lot of moss and slime to the surface and the water’s oxygen changes. The fish react in different ways. Some go shallow and others very deep. This makes fishing a little crazy and tough to get a bite.

This change in the habitat allows you to try a variety of lures. You just have to find what the fish want. On the same day you might catch fish on one lure in the morning and another in the afternoon or mid-day. They make want one lure in deep water and another in shallow water. You just get to try everything in your tackle box.


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