Family Fish 0001

Taking munchkins fishing is an opportunity for you and them to get closer and develop an appreciation for the outdoors.  Only a few weekends remain this summer.  Weekends that provides excellent opportunities to teach a child to fish.

There are two basics to remember when fishing with children.  It is not an endurance test for the kids it is fun.  Kids do tend to get bored with anything taking all day to accomplish.

An advantage to fishing with the younger set is you do not have to be particular about what you catch.  Kids love any fish that will tug on their line.  All too often we adults tend to isolate a particular species to pursue.  We tend to forget just what fishing is about and what original attracted us to the sport.  Take a kid fishing and you will recall.

Watch the look of anticipation as that little munchkin focuses on his bobber in hopes there will be a telltale twitch meaning fish is sampling his bait.  Only a child can dedicate so much of himself to the task at hand.  They give complete attention to the task at hand so long as there is action.  Only children can devote so much attention to having fun.  The intent of fishing is having fun.  It is not competitive to them it is about having fun.

Granted the attention span of children is short and if the fish are not biting the fun begins to vanish.  The adult who comes prepared can make the adjustment to playing catch or taking hike as a break from the fishing activity.

It might be time to examine the contents of the kid’s fishing tackle box.  No matter how young it is important the youngster have his or her own tackle box.  There are a number of plastic tackle boxes on the market in sizes for little hands.

A kid’s tackle box can be as simple as a small box with 6 compartments that would normally be for fly fishermen.  For a few dollars, a box and some simple tackle can be a door to a new world of fun for kids.  Inside the box can be place some plastic worms of assorted colors, a crank bait (with hooks removed for the youngest set) some sinkers, bobbers and some plastic “critter” that are so popular with bass anglers.

As for the rod, the general rule is the shorter the child the shorter the rod.  Spincast equipment is the most desirable as it is simple to master.  It is wise to use a little stronger line than would be good for an adult in the same type of fishing.  Children tend to be a little hard on equipment.  Perhaps a 10-pound test monofilament line would be good.  Panfish will still take the bait and there are fewer break-offs.  A hook removal tool is a good idea, as children tend to let a fish swallow the hook.  It is a good idea to teach them as soon as possible not to let the hook get too deep in the fish’s mouth before setting it.

Take a child fishing today.  If you do not have one of your own, maybe you can borrow one from a neighbor or relative.  There are many children that would love to go fishing and do not have a parent that feels confident enough with the outdoors to take on that responsibility.


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