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By Mark Griffin

I am no expert in reviewing hunting gears but I am a typical user of red dot sights. Like many users I prefer testing various devices before I can zero down on the right one. The red dot sight application is limited to recreational shooting and defending the home front. In addition my application is limited to the AR 15 16” .223 carbine. In order to find a perfect red dot sight for this firearm I opted for three sights: Aimpoint 9000SC.

Vortex Strikefire and Millet ZoomDot. But before I explain my experience, here’s a brief about what I was looking for in a red dot sight. I am not searching for absolute accuracy for 600 yards or for playing with range and wind adjustments for a perfect shot. Rather the red dot sights help me to view with both eyes open and acquire target acquisition even when I am moving. However, here is my experience in testing the three red dot sights:

Vortex Strikefire Vortex is an interesting device that as it is suitable for varied people. It is packed with 2x magnifier, color and brightness controls, soft touch on and off button, and a feature that enables the use of a trendy flip flop cover and night vision. This is one of the USPs of Vortex Strikefire. You can use the device as a Night Vision Device (NVD). The adjustments in this red dot sight are easily accessible and its clarity is average. I would not call this the best sight available like so many other reviews. But yes, there are certain advantages of these devices. One of the drawbacks that you would notice is that when using with the AR 15, the system becomes quite heavy. If you consider it from shooting position the entire system looks quite bulky too. This happens due to the battery, lens cover, electronic controls, elevation and wind adjustments.

The red dot is not the best one available in market although the cover is splash proof. You will have to deal with it to get it right.

Aimpoint 9000SC This is the best part. I loved using Aimpoint red dot sight. This time I tested Aimpoint 9000SC. The first thing that attracts your attention is the camo available with this device. The camo is build like a tank which has double mounts and clicking switch. This is another device which is perfect for the AR15 platform. What impressed me is the brightness of the sight that is a bit higher than the other available models. However, Aimpoint has developed it as a device that will work perfectly with calibers more than .223. However, what can put you off is the weight.

Millett ZoomDot Now here is a model that is lightweight, compact and is packed with a dot size that is easily adjustable. But what puts you off is the projector for the red dot. It trespasses into your field of view while aiming at the target. I did not notice it until I aimed at the target while viewing through the opening left of center. The problem arises because of the shape of the aperture which is not a perfect circle. This affects the accuracy of the device. This was not really desirable from an either perfect model. Another irritating factor is the cleaning kit. I wish the device is available without it.

At the end if I have to conclude I will go with Aimpoint. I have used the Aimpoint CompM4 Red Dot Sight before and have found it quite effective. The best thing about the 9000SC is that there are no compromises made with this sight except that it is on the heavier side. The main feature where it beats the other two is the brightness factor and its battery performance.


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