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The name is intriguing.  Do you launch crickets into the air to fall again to the surface of the water?  Maybe you just launch them across the surface.

Whatever the use, the first seminar at the Mid-South Boat Show on Saturday morning is Thomas Cauley and how to use the Cricket Rocket.

Listening to his explanation of how to use the rocket, dreams of summer days on the pond fishing for bream (bluegills) and other sunfish flood back into my consciousness.  Brought back to reality by his asking if I fish for bream, I nod and he tosses one of the Cricket Rockets.

As getting older and due to a recent hunting injury, my left hand is not really effective in handling crickets.  Many of them escape from my cricket cage into the boat and into my tackle.  Those I managed to get on a hook are often dismembered in one way or another.

The fragile bodies of crickets do not hold up well as bait for anglers.  This gadget sees to make up for clumsy anglers.  It also allows one to handle one insect at a time.

Baiting a hook is done is four steps.  Load the appliance with crickets.  Shake one into the nozzle.  Set the hook the through a hook slot in the nozzle.  Press the release trigger and you are ready to fish.

Cauley points out that you can place a few crappie minnows in the tube.  The same procedure will admit a crappie minnow in the same way.  The rest stay in the Cricket Rocket placed in your live well.

The Cricket Rocket website at has detailed explanations of the appliance’s use.


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