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High fuel costs and other boat expenses mean that many of us are fishing water closer to home and or perhaps areas we neglected in the past.

Fishing a new lake, or seldom fished lake, is probably the most difficult part of the sport.

The problem is two fold.  First there is the need to have a good understanding of the playing field.  Second, one must be able to blend that with his own unique fishing style.

One needs to get a general idea of what might be the season patterns of the fish.  You can then use that as a general guideline.

Everyone has their own fishing style, so blending the pattern information to one’s individual style is important.  Anglers have different lures and techniques in which they have the most confidence.  Some like to fish slowly and others fast.  Some like to run a long way in their boat before starting to fish.  Others like to fish right out of the boat ramp.  There are many of different ways to catch bass.

On any specific day, there are always different fishing patterns that catch fish on the same lake.  One needs to use a technique in which he has confidence.  If fishing a new lake you need to find confidence first.

If unsuccessful in finding fish with your confidence technique drop back and punt.  This usually means going to a bait or technique that is maybe better for catching numbers of fish rather than size.  Try to fall back on such a plan.

It is a good idea to use a map to find areas that should produce for a specific technique at that time of year.  Then go there and drop the trolling motor.  If need be, spend the entire day fishing the area in an attempt to figure out what the fish are doing.

One of the pitfalls anglers fall into is they will fish here for 20 minutes and then they will run 10 miles and fish there for 20 minutes.  Then they run 5 miles and fish.  They spend the day running all over the lake.  You are better off putting the trolling motor in the water and figuring out what the fish do in certain areas.

Bass are all over the lake.  If you can figure out what the fish are doing in the area you choose you should be able to have a decent catch.


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