Tackle Box Assortment 0001

Here is some advice for off season sorting of fishing tackle.  The system is dependent upon what type of fishing one is planning.  It is simple if all of the fishing is from a single boat for one species.  If wading, then organization takes some planning for weight and limited storage space.  There are just so many pockets in a fishing vest.

Maybe you want to fish different species in different locations, under a variety of conditions.  Because of the amount of tackle, it is easier to have a number of tackle boxes labeled by species.

A simple way to keep tackle separate is by using clear plastic tackle boxes.  They come in a variety of sizes with moveable dividers.  Into each box go a few good lures for a specific species.

Check each lure to see if it is in need of hook replacement or other repair.  Advance checking can save a lot of valuable fishing time later on the water.  Who needs to spend time sharpening hooks when fishing waits?  By checking the tackle as placed in the box, you can see what tackle needs replacement.

In a single box, put a few lures that work on the surface, with some that are deep diving.  Just to be on the safe side, include some that work in between those areas.  When it comes to soft plastics include several of each favorite color in zip lock bags in the box.  Putting them in the plastic bags prevents the colors from bleeding into each other.

For live bait fishing, keep all the terminal tackle in these same boxes.  A variety of hooks fit in one and a selection of weights in another.

For wade fishing and fly fishing, use the very small plastic boxes that will fit into the pockets of your vest or pants.  Use same principle as with the larger boxes, a few lures for each situation.

Label each of the boxes as to species.  Add an additional box for a few band aids, a knife, compass, flashlight, pliers and forceps in case of an emergency.

When it comes time to go fishing, pull out the utility box with the band aids, etc, as well as the ones for the species and type of fishing planned.  Place boxes in a gym bag, day pack or tackle bag made to fit them.

The bags made of tough fabric work are best.  They are tough and also have space for a rain suit and a lunch.  If they are large enough, throw in a camera for recording the catch as well as the entire experience of a fishing vacation.

This is not the only system in the world.  But, any system is better than none.  Explore the options available in tackle organization and then choose one what works best for you.  Once you have a place for everything and everything in its place, you will be able to concentrate on catching fish.  You also will be able to go fishing on a minutes notice.



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