Dan's Power-Pole system is aided by the attachment of Power-Pole Drift Paddles for control of the boat while moving.

Dan’s Power-Pole system is aided by the attachment of Power-Pole Drift Paddles for control of the boat while moving.

Perhaps one of the most innovative additions to fishing in the past few years has been the Power-Pole (www.Power-Pole.com.)  Recently as we cruised around a cove in southern Illinois, Dan Dannenmueller and I were enjoying a bright sunny fall day.  The fishing was slow and out conversation turned to the newer developments in crappie fishing.

Dan has a pair of Power-Poles in the back of his boat.  These are a system of hydraulics that hold a maximum force to keep your boat pinned in position regardless of the bottom composition.  They work equally in sand, rock, mud and grass.  They hold a boat in position and the bait steady.

Having seen them on saltwater craft the idea of using them in freshwater was new.  They are originally for use by in-shore anglers in search of redfish and the like.  But, they would appear to be just the ticket for river catfish anglers who need an anchor in current to probe those hidy-holes catfish seem to love so much.

The technology of this system allow for quiet and quick stopping.  The pushing of a button allows you to hold the boat in position despite heavy current or wind.  No longer do catfish anglers need double anchors to hold a boat in position.  No longer is there the possibility of scaring fish dropping an anchor into the water.  This system is silent.

The Power-Poles on Dan’s boat have another feature that is new.  The Power-Pole Drift Paddles on each aid in controlling the drift speed and angle of the boat.  It slows the boat by up to 50% as the angler casts.  The speed reduction is so precise with the main motor that the need for a kicker motor is in doubt.

It also shortens the boat’s turning radius so that the angler can follow tight shore contours.

Perhaps the most ingenious thing about this system is that it is programmable and controlled through an App on your I-phone, leaving you free to cast freely.



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