YAMAHA MEDIA DAY – 2.6   Leave a comment


Pulling out of the marina on the Bennington 2575 QCWA the factory rep explains the construction of the toons.  They are two standard tubes on the outsides with a third one that is slightly different in the middle.

The middle toon is oval shaped when viewed from the end unlike the round look of the outside one from the same view point.  The unusual shape accompanied by additional fins to direct water.  The water aids in the speed and boat control.  The pontoon boat has power steering to aid in boat control.

Taking sharp turns at speed in this 4,500 pound boat is an interesting feeling.  There is a feeling of complete control and there is almost no list of the craft.  It is a pleasure to tool around the lake today on this boat.

Powered with a Yamaha V6 outboard, the Bennington really moves across Lake of the Ozarks.  The engine puts out 350hp.  The understated appearance of the craft is deceiving.  This is an $80,000 pontoon boat that is the top of the line for Bennington.

The helm is elevated to provide a 360 degree unobstructed view.  With a maximum speed today of 53mph, having a clear view is important as a safety factor.  Another safe feature is the slanted 4-step ladder to allow easy access from the water.  The capacity plate rates the boat for 15 people and 2,041 pounds.

The tower is actually structural rather than the folding Bimini bar found in most pontoon boats.  You can actually tow wake boarders, skiers or tubers with it.

The dressing room with a head is a luxury on any boat.  Something unusual is a 7-year warranty on the carpet which snaps out for ease of cleaning both the carpet and the boat.

Pontoons are great boats for sundown cruises on the lake and this is no exception.  The boat really shines in low light situations.  It is a lighting marvel.  There are underwater lights, cup holder lights, headlights and exterior lights the full length of the boat.

The upholstery is heavily foamed and covered with a high quality vinyl that has the look and feel of leather.

Settling back on the couches is a great way to end the day and the Yamaha Media Event for this year.


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