YAMAHA MEDIA DAY – 2.5   Leave a comment



Of all the boats available for test rides today this is probably the shortest.  Still the ride is comfortable due to a large capacity seating area.  The extra leg room is appreciated.

The boat is BassCat Sabre.

The fiberglass construction cuts through the water with a smooth ride.  Powered by a Yamaha 150 VMAXSHO it can handle motors from 115 to 175hp.  The total weight of the boat is 1175 pounds.

The new VMAX 150 produces speeds up to 57 mph.  Under test conditions it produces a 7-second hole shot.  This engine fills the niche market of tournament anglers long accustomed to carbureted models.

The smooth, quiet performance delivers performance normally expected from larger four-stroke motors.  It uses up to 30% less fuel than comparable two-strokes.  In testing the craft achieved 6mpg at cruising speed at 26mph and maintained fuel efficiency to 4mpg at over 6000rpm.

It comes with a single console but a second one for the passenger side is available.  Without the second console, the casting decks are much roomer for the angler.  There is a recessed trolling motor well in the bow.  Anglers report the recessed foot control aids in the comfort during fishing.  A common complaint among anglers is that foot controls create problems with ankle and knee joints as well as back pain.

One unusual feature is a glove box under the passenger seat.  It is most likely there to make up for the lack of a console where most glove boxes are placed.

Behind the seating area are two livewells which combine into one with removal of a divider.  There are also two rear dry compartments for more storage.  The 33-gallon fuel tank is under the seat.  The first step up to the front deck is actually a hidden cooler compartment.  The rod compartment is on the passenger side and holds 4 rod holders as well as a rod bungee.  There are two long compartments on the front deck to hold more rods and other tackle.

All lockable storage hatches also are recessed into the deck to prevent anyone tripping over them.

This craft is 18 feet in length and 7 foot 9 inches across the beam.  The capacity plate rates it for 4 passengers and 550 pounds.  It is doubtful most owners would carry more than two people, as it is a fishing machine not a recreational boat.

When at the helm, the ergonomically design allows a good view of all the gauges including a 788 Hummingbird fish locater.  The steering wheel is not circular as most boats but six sided.  It is comfortable while in motion.  Another one is in the bow for use while trolling.  The gauges are digital and multi-purpose.


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