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Sun Catcher G3m

There is something comfortable about pontoon boats.  They are stable, roomy and multi-purpose.   One day they can be a fishing boat with your pals and the next they can be a ski boat or a party boat.

The capacity plate provided by the Coast Guard rates this craft for a carrying capacity of 12 passengers and some 1640 pounds total weight.

The boat is 22′ feet in length and 81/2 feet wide.  The 2,680 pounds moves well with the 150hp motor but it can also hold motors up to 225hp.  The fuel tank holds 38 gallons of marine fuel.

This G3 Boats’ X 322 RC model has a luxury that makes it a joy to ride.  Powered by a Yamaha VF150LA outboard with electronic fuel injection it gets about 5 mpg.  The 150hp is plenty to propel it through the relatively calm waters here on Lake of the Ozarks.

The engine is from the Yamaha V Max SHO 150 series.  It delivers clean efficient and quiet performance.  It uses up to 30% less fuel than those traditional carbureted two-strokes.  This motor is designed for smooth, quiet performance.

Three “toons” provide the stability to allow for controlled movement through the waves and ease of turning.  Each toon (pontoon) is 25-inches in width and 23-feet in length.  A Bimini top provides protection from the rain or sun and folds into the frame out of the way when not in use.

The white vinyl upholstery cleans up with ease and the snap in/out carpet allows one to pull the carpet and pressure wash the deck with ease.

At the helm are analog gauges, Sony radio system and Garmin GPS/Fish Locator.  Floor lighting provides illumination in low light conditions or at night.

For those times when towing skiers, tubers, or wake boarders there is a ladder at the stern for easy re-entry.  A pop-up changing room permits passengers to change from wet bathing suits into casual clothing to enjoy refreshments while lounging on the bench seating.  The bench seating throughout the craft holds dry storage underneath it.  There is another large storage unit in the center of the craft.


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