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Xpress X-19

The X-19 Bass Boat with a VF150LA SHO Yamaha outboard is a fishing machine from Xpress Boats of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Xpress is one of those family owned companies that have been the groundwork of the bass boat industry for a long time.  Other builders have absorbed the old family companies but this one remains in the family.  They were the first company in the industry to weld aluminum boats.  Up to that time rivets joined pieces of aluminum to form the hull.

This X-19 is the midsize of the “Xclusive Series.”  The beam is 7′ 11″.

The others are a 17-foot and 21-foot crafts.   The MSRP is in the high $30,000 but it comes with a standard package of nice features.  Of special interest is the “Hyper-lift Hull” which is engineered to provide a quick hole-shot and some great turning.  Construction of hull is engineered to also turn down the water spray and provide a dryer ride.  The boat has a foam injected insulated hull topped with an aluminum floor with either Xtreme coating or carpet.

Capacity of the boat is 4 persons and 700 pounds.  With two of us in the boat it is easy to cruise at 42mph with a quiet smooth ride.

The emergency ladder is not standard.  But, there is an optional one available.

In the forward deck is a recessed foot control for the 80 pound thrust Minn Kota Fortrex trolling motor.  In addition to the trolling motor there is a graph and trim control up there as well.  The center storage compartment is for rods.  The compartments on each side are dry storage.

This particular boat has only one console to provide additional room on the casting deck.  But a second console for the passenger side is available.  The Hummingbird 858c HD Di Combo Graph/GPS is mounted in the helm of this tournament craft.  The Euro style seating is very comfortable and helps provide a smooth ride.

The 30-gallon recirculating livewell is located immediately behind th3e seats.  Beyond that is the fuel and battery compartment.  To the side on both the port and starboard sides are dry storage for tackle and PFDs.

The Electronically Fuel Injected Yamaha 150 VMAX weighs 480 pounds and is popular with bass anglers who are changing over from previous models in the VMAX series.  It gets a little over 6 miles per gallon of fuel.  It provides the same quiet, responsive performance Yamaha users are accustomed to enjoying.



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