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Skeeter MX 1825 profile

In recent years the move of some tournament fishermen seems to be gradually from bass boats to the multi-species boats. They like the deep V-hull for days of inclement weather and also for those family excursions. With present economic conditions, some families cannot afford a boat devoted exclusively to bass fishing for their recreational activities. Multi-species boats provide a more varied machine.

To meet this need Skeeter developed this boat in 2012. Its goal is to provide a multi-species high end fishing boat.

The Skeeter MX 1825 provides 18-feet of fishing machine with a 97-inch beam. It has an interior depth of 21-inches and a 14-inch draft. This model is equipped with an F200XB Yamaha outboard. Fuel tank contains 33-gallons. It has a maximum horsepower of 200hp.

Mounted in the helm, a visually good position above the steering wheel is a big screen Hummingbird 898 HD fish locator.

The hole shot is quick enough to meet the desires of most bass anglers as they move from location to location. The boat tracks straight and the boat is up on plane very quickly. It has a nice short turning radius also a positive for bass anglers.

According to Yamaha engineers this line of motors has Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) to advance or retard timing on the engine rpm. It has great low and mid-range punch for that hole-shot when needed. Once out of the harbor the boat was up on plane and doing about 30mph in about 4 seconds. The throttle valve precisely controls the airflow which boosts low and mid-range torque for better acceleration. We were able to enjoy a smooth and secure ride at 52 mph with little strain on the motor at 6,000rpm.

One immediately apparent feature of this particular boat is a MinnKota trolling motor with a 60-inch shaft. The 80-pound thrust requires 24-volt battery. The bow mounted trolling motor slides back when in the deck rest position. This allows space to protect it during trailing. The electronic pilot maintains the boat in position of 5-feet from the anglers target by using GPS.

Behind the seat in the center position is a 50-inch 25-gallon live well with a bracket to hold a bait bucket. On either side are dry storage lockers. There is special side wall rod storage and a new rear casting platform area. The idea is that the boat provides a low profile for stable fishing on windy days.

As with many boats this year the Skeeter MX 1825 has an emergency ladder to allow anyone in the water to get back into the craft. The Coast Guard capacity plate rates this boat to carry 6 persons and 880 pounds. The carpet is snap-in/out for ease of cleaning.


6 responses to “YAMAHA MEDIA EVENT DAY 2.2

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