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Easing out of the marina the bright sun on the Osage River at Lake of the Ozarks brings warmth but also problems for photography. With a number of boats to test, it is just a matter of making do with what is available.

The comfort of the Hurricane SunDeck 2690 OB is luxurious and fits right nicely with the quiet F300 Yamaha outboard engine. The capacity plate indicates that it is Yacht Certified instead of numerical indication of number of passengers and load limits that are more common on small freshwater craft. This means that the Coast Guard says it is to carry a reasonable load.

The NMMA certified construction includes foam flotation and automatic bilge pumps. The stringers are all fiberglass as is the hull. The design is such as that displaced water does not touch passengers.

This unit has the standard white vinyl seats with snap-in carpet for ease of cleaning. The stern deck was of teak which is optional. The teak is easier cleaning and yet not as slippery for water skiers emerging from the water.

Speaking of skiers, tubers and wake boarders, this unit has a tow bar around the motor to prevent ropes from entangling in the prop. Both the bow and stern have fold up e-ladders. With high gunnels an e-ladder is essential for anyone in the water to be able to get back in the boat. The telescoping ladders fold away when not in use.

The specs over all for the boat include that it is 26 feet 4-inches in length with a beam of 108-inches. Although it can take outboard motors up to 350 horse power, ours is a 300 Yamaha four-stroke. It will hold 96-gallons of fuel.

There is something comfortable about the high gunnels and the plush cushions throughout. Family members can securely move about without fear of an errant wave unexpectedly casting them into the water. Dock and ladder lights come in handy in low light conditions. Bench cushions are throughout the deck with a captain’s chair at the helm.

At the help the dashboard holds gauges that at first glance appear analog but are actually digital. The displays are multifunctional. The 5-inch, single LCD display, is designed for configuration by the user. This is Yamaha’s Command Link Plus system. The screen can display oil/water pressure, charge level, rpm, fuel flow rate, tank levels, water temperature and water depth. It operates with single, twin or triple applications.

The head with a sink enclosed below deck has easy access. A fold up-changing room of fabric provides privacy for changing in and out of wet clothing. Other amenities are ample cup holders, a table mounted in the stern, a refrigerator, freezer, grill, another sink and waste compartment.

There are other features in the various packages offered by dealers that are too numerous to name here. Suffice it to say this is a well-made and luxurious deck boat.

As for the F300XCA motor, it weighs 562 pound which is much lighter than similar products of the past. It has a maximum horsepower of 300 hp with electronic fuel injection (EFI) and displaces 4.2 liters. The gear ratio is 1.75.


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