To the casual observer anglers fishing from shore seeking whatever comes along.  They do not have a fancy boat with a lot of electronics and a big motor.  In fact most do not own a boat. They do not enter and win tournaments.  They can just catch fish.

Fishing for a lake or river bank is an uncomplicated approach to life that carries over into fishing.

There is no need for a lot of gear or to spend a lot on the gear you do want to use. Often all you need is a collection of closed face reels and accompanying rods purchased at flea markets and garage sales.  Beginners do not look for a particular brand they just buy what is there.  More advanced shore anglers do sometimes invest in longer rods to cast further and more advanced terminal tackle.

Often the shore fishing angler’s approach to the lake differs from his high tech competitors, as does his tackle.  He fishes from shore or by wadding. Often he likes to find the vegetation and actively fish it.  The angler looks for holes in the milfoil in about one or two feet of water.

Casting just beyond the hole, the angler can slowly begin a retrieve.  He allows the lure to settle down into the hole.  He leaves it still for a while before subtly twitching it.  It is important to look carefully for line movement before continuing the retrieve.  Poking plastic worms through the vegetation in low light conditions can be particularly effective as fish move from daytime shelter from the sunlight to nighttime feeding patterns.

If the fish are not in the holes, he moves to the bottom high spots and fishes the edges.  These shallow areas often produce quality fish.

The small spinner bait is a secret weapon. They can consistently take larger fish with a brass blade and darker tail spinner bait.  Spinner baits are a snack for fish in that they will take it even if they are really not hungry.

There are many unsung anglers who subscribe to this more primitive type of bass fishing.  It is a philosophy of uncomplicated fishing.  Many smaller waters are ideal for this pattern.  They are a tie to our fishing heritage and a hope for the future aspirations of young anglers.



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