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As we take up archery deer hunting one of the first subjects is how to shoot one without it jumping the string.  A deer jumping the string is probably the most common excuse, valid or not, for missing that deer of one’s dreams.

Jumping the string occurs when the arrow approaches the quarry and usually happens as the deer drops down in preparation for a speedy exit.  It is like the deer’s legs becoming a coiled spring which he releases when he runs away.

Theories abound about the deer seeing the arrow or hearing the release.  In an address by Bill Winke, a noted bowhunter, at the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) annual conference a while back briefly addressed the subject.

Winke maintains that deer do not see the arrow.  They drop because it is their first reaction to hearing something alien to them.  A reason to make your bow as quietly shooting as possible.

Bill Has studied this action in deer.  He finds that does are more prone to jump the string.  Ninety percent of does and 50% of bucks will jump.  For the bowhunter, the safe answer to the problem is to stop them from walking and aim low.  If they drop you have a good hit in a vital area and if they do not drop you still have a good low hit.


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  2. Missouri has a video that actually shows this happening. It is shown during our Bowhunter Education classes. Its titled “The Art and Ethics of Bowhunting” and is available for purchase from IHEA-USA (International Hunter Education Association)

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