The two most important things in selecting a hunting club are good birds and good cover.  Everything else is secondary.

You can go to a lot of hunting preserves that have gorgeous clubhouses, expensive landscaping and all that.  But if the cover is not adequate and if the birds do not fly well, it is a big disappointment.

The science of raising birds has advanced so much that it is difficult to find bad birds anymore.  There are some really quality bird farms that raise really good birds such as pheasants and chukar.  If you have good cover at your club the hunter is going to have a very good experience in terms of good flight birds.

Remember that today’s birds are for the hunter to find.  The club has no control over whether or not you can hit them.  It is important for you refrain from having the attitude that it is like shooting fish in a barrel.  You still have to be a pretty good shot.

Although every club has its own bird dogs, some like to have clients bring their own with them.  It is important that the club have the very best dogs possible.  But the hunter can enjoy the experience so much more with his own dog.

You never want to talk about a guy’s dog.  “You might talk about his wife, but never his dog.

Early in the season most dogs are not in top physical condition.  This means that they tend to not last long in the field.  When that happens, the club owner can offer to bring out one his dogs.  They hunt every day and are in good physical shape.  They tend to last longer.

Placement of birds differs from club to club.  At some they place the birds and if the hunter has his own dog he just goes out on his own.  The club staff will check on the hunters and pick up the harvested birds.  They might also provide water for man and dog.

Many hunters fail to bring along enough shells.  Bring what you think you need and then add one box.  Inevitably anyone who goes out with one box of shells runs out.  We are just not as good a shot as we think.

Shooting safety is another consideration.  Does the club have an active program of gun safety?  Some clubs will demand that each hunters view a gun safety video prior to going out in the field.  It can really ruin a day if you shoot somebody or you shoot a dog.

The size and composition of shooting fields varies from state to state and club to club.  Some might have smaller fields with heavy timber and brush surrounding them.  Others might have huge fields of grain.  In the smaller fields the birds get up and go right to the timber.  In the larger fields with no surrounding cover you still have to be quick to get the bird before he is out of range.

Finally, does the club have a good way of preparing the birds for the trip home?   It is the hunters responsibility to have a cooler so that the birds will not spoil.  Most clubs will clean the birds and package them for the trip.  They should be marked with the date and the name of the club.

Modern hunting clubs are a far cry from the old preserves of the past.   Do some comparison shopping to find one that meets your needs.


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