Summer fishing seasons tend to bring out the crowds.  Regardless of the species involved, there are times when the anglers appear to close along a stream or lake shoreline.   To some this is a turn off and they decide to fish another day.

It is still possible to relish summer, the social atmosphere and consider a fish caught as a bonus.  Many acres of public access fishing ideal for summer recreation are available across the country.

The rules of fishing etiquette are unwritten.  It is possible to learn them only through trial and error.  It takes guts to fish in a crowded area.  Fishing in a crowd is always entertaining and can be downright enjoyable.  There are those seasoned “pros” eager to share their skills and a few verbal barbs.  The latter often lead to some great entertainment.  The carnival-like atmosphere can send an adrenalin rush coursing through your body.

The easiest way to outsmart the other guys and get the good spots is to get there early.  Scout the area a few days prior to opening and find the areas with eddies and how water flows under or over logs.  These are holding areas for fish.  The early morning fish is not very active due to the cooler water temperatures.  This fish will find resting areas next to current and let the water bring food to him.

Once you have picked your fishing area, get there before dawn and hold it.  Others will move in on you but you will still have the area you selected.

Another way to be successful under crowded conditions is to fish differently than the other guy.  This could be using a different lure or using another pattern.  Sometimes by such a change you are presenting something that the fish have not been looking at all day long.  It seems that they will get accustomed to a particular offering and just begin to ignore it.

Accurately casting a lure is vital in crowded conditions.  It not only keeps you from tangling the other guy’s line but also it puts your offering right where you want it.  You will be able to get your lure or bait right in some tight spots that others will ignore fearing getting hung up.  The best fish holding cover can be in the most inconvenient places.  A person who can cast accurately can make the most of those places.

Casting to those out the way places may require wading with care.  Falling into the water can be uncomfortable at best and deadly at worst.  Wearing waders is probably a good idea in any case.  The snug fitting neoprene waders have less water resistance.  Hip boots do not provide enough protection from getting clothing wet and ruining a good day.

Good traction is a key to wading safety.  A wading staff will help determine depth of water before stepping off into it.  It is good to keep the staff upstream from you and to lean into it forming a tripod (your two legs and the staff.)  Always make sure to keep two legs of your tripod firmly implanted on the bottom.

Finally, one tip to fishing usually crowded conditions.  Fish during the week instead of weekends, it is often less crowded.

Fishing those crowded days can be a pain.  But, it also can be a lot of fun as there are some really fun people out there with all sorts of rigs.  Be observant and courteous and you might make some new friends and learn some new techniques.  In any event, it is better than working all day.


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