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Montauk State Park is one of many very attractive parks in the Missouri State Park system.  Whenever visiting the Missouri Ozarks, it is a prime location for catching trout.  Just downstream from form the park the river continues its procession into the Ozarks.

Trout anglers from across the nation ply these waters in search of rainbow trout.  They share the crystal clear waters with such mammals as mink, muskrat, beaver and an occasional otter.  White-tailed deer sometimes drink along the bank.  The park is a veritable paradise for wildlife.

Fish cleaning stations provide a place to clean the catch.  By grinding up the fish waste it is useable later by pumping out the tanks.  The contents make fertilizer for trees at the state nursery.

There are a number of rules and ethics that apply to the use of this stream.  Check in at the lodge headquarters to pay the minimal daily fee and to pick up a copy of the rules and regulations as well as a map of the park.  Certain areas of the river have lure and bait restrictions.

On this warm spring day the shade of the overhanging brush and hardwood is interrupted by an occasional splash of sunlight.  The shaded portions and deeper pools attract trout to any interruption in the current.

Interruptions come in the form of rocks and logs as well as the lip of any hole.  The fish rest in these areas before blasting out into the current to gobble some passing morsel of food.

By casting into the current upstream from where the trout lie in wait, you are able to control the drift of a lure closer to the shore for further away.  With a very small float or bobber you can adjust the depth at which the lure travels.  It is a good idea to keep the bait at the same depth.

Fishing with ultra-light tackle enhances the excitement of hooking a fish.  A new Shakespeare Micro Series Combo with 2-pound monofilament line and a small Road Runner is just the ticket.  By tipping the hook with Gulp Alive Hellgrammite or one of the trout baits in the same series.

The 7-foot length and premium graphite construction allow the rod to do much of the work in recovering the fish.

The quiet of this stretch of the river tends to lull you into tranquil thoughts.  Suddenly the water explodes with a splashing trout.  It is splendiferous.  He is about 10-inches in length and no match for the 11-pounder taken a couple of years ago by a soldier on leave before deploying overseas.

The park is located southeast of Licking, MO.   The season is open from March 1 to October 31.



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  1. This sounds like a great place to visit! I think I might want to live there.

  2. It is one of my favorite places in Missouri.

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