Scan_Pic0031It was called playing hooky when you skipped school to go fishing as a child. Later perhaps during working life it might be a sick day or mental health day. When you work for yourself, neither choice is permissible.

As an outdoor writer these days become a gray area between work and play.

Today is such a day. With two assignments awaiting production, and a lawn needing mowing, a UPS package stands in the corner waiting inspection. It is from Pure Fishing by way of the Blue Heron Communications, friends of the Giudice family and Kevin Jarnagin.

The assignments can wait for a day. It rained last night so the lawn needs to dry out. That leaves opening the package.

Inside is an ultra-light graphite rod from the new Shakespeare Micro Series of rod and reel combos. A 7-footer, it also has a fully spooled reel of 4-pound line. The reel has a light weight feel and a multi-disc drag system. As a veteran ultra-light angler it came as a surprise just how light and flexible the rod.

Included in the bottom of the box was one of the Jar Bait Folders from Berkley. Having used these previously and enjoying the convenience of being able to package up favorite jar baits, some terminal tackle, and piers, conjured up an idea for a trip to the pond in pursuit of bluegill.

In a matter in minutes the new rod is undergoing a test of its flexibility and strength on a neighbor’s bluegill pond. A small jig with a couple of Powerbait nuggets produced a few gills. Switching to the Gulp Helgamites and some larger fish were some located little deeper in the water. A leadhead jig helped to get the Gulp offering more quickly through the hungry small fish and down to where the big guys seemed located.

The smooth casting of the rod and reel combo, made a cloudy day into a great escape into the world of angling. Although work awaits more important things like fishing can delay it. There is after all, a trout fishing working trip coming up in a couple of weeks on Lake Taneycomo in Missouri. It can prove another test run for the Micro Series rod and reel combo.


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