Someday Isle is not a place it is a state of mind.  The isle is a place to put on your “Bucket List”.  It can be a place or maybe it is specific species you want to pursue in wood or water.

You hear the someday isle symptoms where ever outdoorsmen gather.  It comes out especially prominent in sport shows during the winter.  It is the “dream trips” that spur the most someday isle comments.

Someday isle is really just a substitute for action.  If one plans and works toward a specific goal, he will get to someday isle.

Would you purchase a home built by a contractor without the use of a blueprint?  Of course not!  But, that is exactly how many of us approach out fishing activities each year.  We don’t set any goal or make a specific action plan.  The end result is often frustration at not finding fish or fish that is inferior to what we seek.

Planning and goal setting are keys to successful fishing.  Some anglers are satisfied with just being away from home and to loaf.  Sometimes that is the goal.  But, most of the time we want that lunker bass, or a limit of panfish.  Attaining that goal means planning in advance.

The first consideration is what species you are seeking.  Many areas are famous for good populations of a particular kind of fish.  Southern Illinois is home to some of the state’s best panfish and bass angling.

By being selective about the species, you cut down the number of places to visit.  Then focus on the quality of the fishing experience for more fun.

It helps to read and talk to people who also fish for these species.  Find out what experiences they have had and where they recommend.  Then narrow your search to a location that falls within your budget and time considerations.  If you only have a weekend, it makes no sense to spend half of it getting there and back.   Southern Illinois fishing locations are within a few hours of most of the state.

Learn all you can about the area and the water your fishing.  That is, unless you are an expert on fishing strange waters.  Obtain information from local bait shops, fish and wildlife offices, resort owners or the local tourism bureau.  They all want you to have a good outdoor experience in their area so that you will tell others.  They want you and your friends to come back again and again.  Nothing is worse for their business than an unhappy visitor.

Establish the full cost of the trip and just what services you need and who can provide them for that cost.  Plan early, do the legwork, and you too will have a great time on “Someday Isle”.



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