If you have a deck boat, bass boat, house boat, or Jon boat it may be time to replace your trailer.  Before buying a new boat trailer check out some of the following suggestions.

Having the correct type of trailer can make your life much more enjoyable when you want to move your boat.  If the boat and trailer are not correctly matched, trailering a boat to and from the water, launching and retrieving can be a profile in misery.

With the right trailer you never know it is behind you.  If it is not properly set up and adjusted you notice problems right away.

For example, too much tongue weight can cause excessive swaying as you travel down the road.  If the bunks or roller are not properly adjusted getting the boat in and out of the water can be difficult.  It can actually lead to hull damage to your boat.

Boat trailers are equipped with bunks or rollers as support for the boat.  Check with the boat manufacturer or dealer to see what they recommend for your particular type of boat.

It is a good idea to check to see if the trailer is NMMA- certified.  There are industry guidelines that make sure the trailer is quality and that the structure is safe.

A boat’s trailering weight, width and length are the main factors used in selecting a proper trailer.  Check the weight limit the trailer can safely handle.  Compare that number with the listed weight of the boat and motor.

As you figure up the weight remember to include the weight of the engine, fuel and all of your gear.  Fuel weighs about 7 pounds per gallon.  As you figure the length of the boat measure it on the centerline.

On many trailers the bunks, the winch post, and even the axle can be adjusted to accommodate the different types of boats.  If they are adjusted properly launching and loading will be easier.

Before you purchase a trailer keep in mind the type of vehicle you will use to tow it.  The owner’s manual of the vehicle will offer recommendations and instructions.  Also be sure the hitch ball on you tow vehicle is the same size as the coupler hitch on the trailer.

One final consideration is the minimum safe stopping distance of your vehicle and the trailer package.  Many people are not aware of how hard it can be to stop when towing a vehicle without trailer breaks.  The small cost of adding trailer brakes to your trailer package provides a lot of protection for your investment.

Most states require brakes on trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,000 pounds or more.

Having the proper trailer package to go with your boat and tow vehicle will go a long way toward a safe and comfortable boating summer.


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