This is in response to numerous questions I have been fielding about my shooting accident.

It happened last week in western Texas while on a Roan Antelope hunt.  I was hunting the elk size antelope with a .460 caliber revolver.  Revolvers have a cylinder that holds the ammo.  Between the cylinder and the barrel is a small area that allows excess gas from the explosion of the cartridge as the bullet exits into the barrel of the weapon.

While holding the revolver with two hands it is vital to keep fingers behind the trigger guard.  The escaping gasses are forced out in front of that position.

I have used this revolver hunting and on the target range shooting some 200 times without incident.

On this occasion, I shot the antelope at about 90 yards.  He ran a few steps to my left and stopped.  I swung the weapon for another shot and in doing so apparently allowed my middle finger of my left hand to extend too far forward.

At the shot the Roan went down.  The gas escaping blew off the end of my finger and the recoil caused two fractures in my fingers.  Because I take blood thinner, the blood cascaded down my front.

My hunting companions bandaged my hand and rushed me the 25 miles to a hospital.  I was treated there by an army medic recently back from her second tour in the Middle East.

Back home my Doctor feels I will have minimal loss to the length of the finger and the fractures will soon heal on their own.

I have some pain but it seems to be getting less unless I bump it against anything.  I can only type with one hand which requires patience and a lot of time.

YES, we recovered the antelope and it will feed a number of needy families in the area.




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  1. Holy cow Don. Anything I can do from here?

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