REND LAKE BRIDGE PARTY   Leave a comment

Kyle Schoenherr with some nice slabs taken and released during the “Bridge Party”.

Kyle Schoenherr and I attended a bridge party of sorts last Friday.  Not the kind with a deck of cards.  This was a crappie fishing bridge party along Illinois Route 154 across Rend Lake in southern Illinois.

The fish showed up in good numbers and reasonable size.  No trouble getting our limits of fish had we wanted to keep them.  We were looking for nice pictures as well as just taking a day off to go fishing.

Our lures involved using diminutive Road Runners and later we would use the new Slab Daddy lures.  Both are products of the Road Runner division of TTI-Fishing Group and are available virtually any place with fishing tackle for sale.

For a Friday the shore line rip rap attracted an unusually large group of anglers giving rise to the bridge party reference.  The causeway over which Route 154 travels has rip rap the entire length as well as two concrete bridges.  Recent cool weather seems to have attracted shad to the warmth given off by the rock and concrete baking in a sunny day.  Where there is shad there are crappies.

For a change of pace at noon we pulled out and trucked around to the northern edge of Rend Lake in the sub-impoundment area.  It too had an unusually large number of boats in the very shallow water.  North of the railroad bridge the fish caught were small.  We moved south and found some bigger ones.  They are all fun to catch.

Regardless of the size of fish, our bridge party was great fun.  If you are interested in a guided fishing trip on this lake contact Kyle Schoenherr at 618-314-2967 or visit his website at


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