Squeezing a household spray bottle strengthens the finger and wrist muscles

For as long as I have owned it, my S&W 460 has presented me problems in shooting.  Accuracy is not a problem on the bench at the range but I have a damaged wrist that just does not have the stength to hold it steady in the field.

The writst was broken during a fall off a chair at an outdoor show as we were taking down a display.  I hit it on the edge of a table. For those not familiar with the S&W 460 is is not a light handgun.  But, I like to hunt big game with it.  Therin lies my problem.


Big game does not sit still on a range with a bench rest.  Last month at the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA) I spoke with Bill Booth a rep for the Smith & Wesson company.  The first response from him was that he always uses shooting stick in the field with his handguns.  I do too but I still have trouble holding the weapon steady.  He suggested two other tips which I am presently using.


Tip One is to use a household spray bottle full of water as an exercise device to strengthen the movement for trgger action.  Booth  suggested filling it with water and “shooting” water until the bottle is empty.  Repeat daily and as often as necessary until the strength comes back to my wrist.


Tip Two is one I never thought of.  He suggested I look into the purchase of a bowler’s glove.  It has steel supports that give extra strength to the wrist area.  I am on the way to the bowling alley.


Sometimes shooters just have to improvse and borrow from other sports.



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