Watching those expensive prescription sunglasses sink away into the clear depths of Lake of Egypt is not a pleasant experience.  In fact it gives one a sickening feeling in the pit of the stomach.

It was on the first cast of a bass fishing trip that they just slipped off nose before anything was possible to stop them.  Attempts to snag them with a crankbait proved unsuccessful.  If only I had not taken the eyewear retainer off because it was a nuisance.  Besides somehow it just did not fit the image.

Fast forward to October 2012 and the annual fall conference of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association breakout day.  J. Kevin Spencer was there as a rep for FloatEyes ( a Little Rock, Arkansas company specializing in eyewear retainer systems that actually float.  He explains, “The retainer adds enough buoyancy to keep glasses from sinking.”  They also go around the back of the head to help avoid having them fall into the water or in the boat.

Another of their products is a vinyl Coated Steel Cable system.  It is lightweight, durable and ridged.  The later keep the system off of the neck and avoid irritation to a sunburned area.  It holds a semi-circle shape allowing its use for both active and casual wear.  It is available in both black and clear coated steel.

They hold glasses from becoming a nuisance when boating a fish or just casting.  The system allows hands free hanging the glasses around the neck clear of the face during camera sessions.

The vinyl Coated Steel Cable system shown in the photo above is really neat.  Virtually no weight and not very visible, the system protects sunglasses on the water and has reduced sun glass replacement costs significantly.


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  1. Thank you.Great article about sunglass.Thank you for share.

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