Mark Strand is a longtime friend and veteran outdoor writer from Minnesota.  When he first announced the formation of School of Outdoor Sports my first reaction was that it was a duplication of the many Hunter Safety and other outdoor education programs.  But, that is not the case.

Mark has combined his efforts with Foley-Belsaw Outdoors (FBO) to produce a series of DVDs that introduce the novice and not so novice to the real world of fishing, hunting and shooting.  In clear simple to understand language he presents information hat teach one to use the best skills and ethics in the woods and on the lake.

The School of Outdoor Sports is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing participation in traditional outdoor sports.  In addition to inspiring people to take up these activities, they also answer questions so they remain interested.  Additional activities support ongoing outings, including matching young beginners with mentoring groups.  They also inspire, recruit and teach mentoring.

Foley-Belsaw is a nearly 100 year old company that has long produced marketing programs and how-to instruction for a variety of outdoor industries.  Their sound financial situation allows the School of Outdoor Sports to produce DVDs.  The two organizations share a vision for helping grow participation in outdoor sports.

“We found a true ally in FBO,” says Strand.  “This is a company that understands it must generate profits to remain in business but also cares about people and wants to contribute to the cause of getting more newcomers into fishing, hunting and shooting.”

All 5 DVDs are available for a nominal cost from FBO ( with all proceeds benefiting the nonprofit School of Outdoor Sports.



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