LAKE TANEYCOMO – PART 4   Leave a comment

Boarding the boats, we pulled out of the marina and headed upstream toward the Trophy Trout Release area.  The area extends from 760 feet below Table Rock Dam downstream for the first 3 miles of Lake Taneycomo.  Other boats headed in the same direction.

My guide, Rick LaPoint of Springfield, MO stopped the boat and suggested that we go the other way and avoid the crowd.  We turned and headed down to the mouth of Bull Creek.

Rick explains that the dirty water comes out of the creek causing the trout to move up on a flat to feed.  The flat is about 10 to 15 feet deep and is next to the main channel which is 20-feet deep.

Using 51/2 foot Razr Rod ultralight rods and spinning reels with four pound line, we rig up.  The main line ties to a swivel and a 2-3 foot leader of 2 pound line.  At the end is a #10 salmon hook.  We threaded a red, then green Berkley GULP salmon egg onto the hook, and up onto the line.  It leaves the hook bare.  A slip float holds the rig off the bottom.

Another rig we use in an attempt to find a Brown Trout also uses 4 pound line tied to a swivel.  It too has a 2 pound leader with a Berkley Gulp salmon egg above the hook.  The difference is the addition of a two inch piece of nightcrawler inflated with air to make it float.

We catch numerous Rainbows but no Brown Trout today.  Still it is an enjoyable day afloat which is all too soon over.  On the way back to the marina we spot a Missouri Department of Conservation truck of the type used to transport fish from the hatchery at the dam to various areas of the lake.

Stopping to see if they have already dropped off their fish we find that the fish are already in the lake.  Rick explains that the fish do not go right into the water.  They are loaded onto a boat that takes them to various areas around the lake for release.  In that way there is no concentration of trout in a single area.

For more information about fishing and services available contact Lilleys’ Landing Resort & Marina at 1-888-Lilleys or on line at  Rick LaPoint’s cell phone phone number is 417-861-3899.  He is available on line at


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