LAKE TANEYCOMO – PART 3   Leave a comment

There are a lot of stories told of the great fishing in Lake Taneycomo near Branson, MO.  While attending the Association of Great Lake Outdoor Writers Fall Conference some of us fished for trout courtesy of Lilleys’ Landing Resort & Marina and the Branson/Lakes Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

As a sidelight we learn of two great fish taken in Taneycomo.  The first fish is a 29-inch Rainbow Trout caught on July 30, 2012 by Phil Lilley, owner of the marina from which we are launching.  To date it is his largest trout taken in the 29 years of living and working in Branson.

Lilley used one rod and a single 3/32nd ounce jig tied to the line the last time he had fished with it.  It is wiser to re-tie a lure each time you fish for fear that the knot or a nicked line will fail.  One unit at the dam was running.

Throwing the marabou jig produced fish all along their drifting trip.  In the last stretch before Fall Creek he hooked the fish which came to the surface almost immediately.  It was obviously a big fish.  With good boat handling by a friend and careful rod handing by Lilley, the fish came ashore on a gravel bar, barely fitting into the landing net.

After a few photos and measuring, the fish returned to the water.

The second fish is the Missouri State Record Brown Trout caught by Scott Sandusky of Arnold, Mo. in the lake.

Scott and his buddies launched out of Lilleys Landing on November 20, 2009 for a day on the lake catching some rainbows for lunch and then concentrating on the trophy area for some catch and release lunkers.

Drifting downstream they caught the fish just below Cooper Creek.  At first the size of the fish gave them the impression that it might be a carp or catfish.  Setting his spinning reel to wind backwards, Scott did not have to use the drag.  The fish took off for the opposite bank taking with him a lot of the 4-pound line.

Working together they pulled up the trolling motor to avoid getting the fish and line tangled or worse yet broken.  The net would not hold but half of the fish.  It flopped in and out of the net before it finally was boated.

The fish is 28 pound 12-ounces in size with a girth of 24.75 inches and length of 37-inches.  It beats the previous state record Brown Trout by roughly a pound.

After hearing these two stories, I could not wait to get on the water.


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