Once your quarry is on the ground, the emotion of the scene becomes a strange mix of pride and sadness that floods through your very being.  Seeing an animal down on the ground is not all that there is to hunting.

All that went before and all that you observe in the woods is part of the scene.  Recalling those memories can be rewarding in terms of knowledge and reliving that precious time spent with nature.

Keeping a hunting journal is a rewarding way of preserving memories of a hunt.  It can be as simple as just recording the events of the day.  On the other hand, it can be more sophisticated.  The later might include feelings about the day or observations of animal behavior.

Making a hunting journal is very simple.  To begin, go to any stationery store, office supply store or bookstore.  Purchase a bound book.  This can be a ledger that accountants use to use, a spiral notebook or one of those bound hardcover books with blank pages.

Next, make an entry for each day of the hunt.  This could be the date, time, location or time of the year.  If you want to make a database of information about your regular hunting area, you might want to include weather information (high and low temperatures, moon phase, sky conditions, wind direction and barometric pressure.)  All of these are things that affect animal behavior and you can establish patterns of behavior on you land during specific conditions.

Make notes about the behavior and species of game observed.  It helps you to understand your quarry.  Some people like to include what they feed on and what time of the day they move from bedding to feeding areas, etc.  The more you know about the animal, the more likely you can develop a game plan to intercept them along the way.

For the more esoteric among us, one can record how he feels about being in the woods and close to nature.  You can include observations of animals and plants and the joy of just observing them.

If you just like to relive past hunts, then it is possible to record who hunted with you, how they did, and the over all success of the trip.  This comes in handy on a cold winter evening when you want to think back and relive the hunt.  It also could come in handy to settle an argument about who got what and where.  Time tends to make one remember situations a little differently and that big buck gets bigger with time.

Some journal keepers like to have everyone in camp make a notation in their journal.  It is kind of fun to look back and see what they said about you or the hunt.

Hunting journals are an escape for the hunter who cannot spend a lot of time in the field.  They are also a chance to record vital information so that you can formulate a future game plan for the next hunt.  It is better to make the plan at home with the notes than to take valuable time in the field to form one from distant memories.

The journal will be a joy to read in years to come.  Start keeping one right now.



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  1. This is a very good idea and I can definitely see how it would be great to be able to go back to from time to time for enjoyable memories.

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