A man died today and his passing diminishes us all.  In life he was a father, husband, grandfather, business partner, writer, or public relations expert.  To all of us who knew him, he was most importantly a friend.  James “Mike” Walker passed away following a long battle with liver disease. 


I met Mike through some of the outdoor writer meetings we both attended.  He headed the public relations agency that bears his name.  Mike established The Walker Agency in Phoenix, AZ but he was always a Kansas Jayhawker at heart. 


The man’s accomplishments are legend.  It was not enough for him to be CEO of the premiere Public Relations agency in the business.  He served in virtually every position of every outdoor writer organization.  He constantly gave to others his experience and his energy. 


Others will write of this man and his many accomplishments.  Perhaps they will do so better than I have here, but none will miss him as much.  Mike was my mentor in the outdoor business and a close friend during a particularly bad six months when I lost both parents.  From the first time you met him it was impossible not to be impressed by the relaxed way he approached every problem.  He would analyze it, apply his knowledge and experience, and come up with a solution. 


This man inspired many people in his lifetime and I am happy to say that I knew him.  It is with tears in my eyes that I say God speed old friend as he sets sail for the final voyage.


Posted 08/16/2012 by Donald Gasaway in Boats, Freshwater Fishing

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  1. I’m with you Don. He was a helluva’ man. His leadership meant so much and touched so many people.

  2. I think you said it as well as anyone can.

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