REELFOOT LAKE DAY 3   Leave a comment

Considering the heat, we leave Blue Bank Resort marina about two hours earlier than yesterday.  Billy Blakely, fishing guide and crappie tournament angler is taking me catfishing for a few hours and then we go back to finding those crappie.

We are fishing Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee.  This nutrient rich lake was formed in the early 1800’s by a series of earthquakes that caused the Mississippi River to run backward and fill the 18 to 20 foot deep hole they created.

Today largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, carp, Asian carp and gar populate the lake.

Our first location is a lay down strewn shore line.  The lake level is down some 20 or so inches due to the drought affecting the middle of the nation this summer.  Our action begins with the first cast.  Hardly had the nightcrawler reached the bottom when a nice 20-inch channel catfish grabbed and headed for deeper water.

Our catfish rig is a slip bobber set for about two feet.  Below the bobber were a bait hook and a small sinker.  The nightcrawler is threaded on the hook.

Action continues for about 20-minutes and then nothing.  We move on along the shore with little or no luck.  The plan becomes moving to deeper water in a stump field with equally poor luck.  The heat begins to get to us and it is time to move back to fishing the cypress tree roots along the shore near the resort.

First stop is to pick up Darlene, Billy’s friend, at the resort so she could fish with us and pose for some photos.  Back on the water we catch a few more cats to help fill the cooler.

Then it is time to take some photos for my magazine article and for the resort website.

Tomorrow I leave with fond memories and a bunch of photo and mental images.  For those interested in more information about guide service and Blue Bank Resort, call 1-877-258-3226 or check out their website at


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